Say Hello back atleast….

Hello All!

I’ve been extremely busy at work and in my personal life lately, sorry my posts have become sporadic.  I had to share this though…

I work in a sports store, as I have mentioned in earlier posts.  One of the few things I agreed with corporate on (previous job) was greeting customers.  No pushy sales jarble, I simply ask my employees to say hello to everyone who walks in, “hi, how are you today?” “let me know if you need any help”.  I think it’s nice, a way to make people feel more at ease while they shop in the store and let them know who works here (no uniforms). 

I HATE when people can’t handle a simple “hi” back.   I know some people have issues making eye contact.  I was taught to look people in the eyes because it is a form of respect, but that’s me.  Some people (quite a few today) though will walk in, and I’ll say “Hey, how are you doin’ today?”  and they’ll just stare at me, or pretend they didn’t hear me.  I worked in Seaside Heights for a long time, I know how to throw my voice, and I know you heard me. 

Are people becoming so socially inept due to technology that they can’t even handle saying hello anymore?  Or are they just rude?



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One thought on “Say Hello back atleast….

  1. That’s sad. Although there’s been a few times I’ve been distracted, and only realized a few seconds later that someone was speaking to me. But if there’s eye contact, there’s no excuse.

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