My blueberry addiction…



I go blueberry picking every year.  This summer’s haul was 14.37 pounds.   They never last long, a few select people get some containers from me.  The rest I will eat, or bake with then eat.  I will eat blueberries day in and out to the point of overdosing.  That quarter size guy was the first to go.  Not much can get me up at 6AM on a day off, but I’ll do it for these beauties every year!

Survive Reality, Live the Dream


One thought on “My blueberry addiction…

  1. Abby says:

    That is one roided up blueberry, and the whole haul looks delicious. I’m not a huge fruit freak, but I do love the berries from the market when they come in season. When in Rome…eat fresh fruit.

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