*New* (used) Car!!!

Hello all,

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for me.  My boyfriend picked me up and drove me to work in the morning.  I then opened the store and my boss stopped by to drop off some more inventory to enter and set up.  By the time I finished that a delivery came with more inventory to process and put out.  I then got a call from my insurance agent (FINALLY!), and I explained to her the trouble I’ve been having getting the title for my totaled car.  I gave her all the information I had on where it was bought and the original bank it was financed through, she said she would see what she could find out and get back to me.  Then I got a call from the dealer who had the used car I liked that was out of my price range.  He had gotten financing for a lower payment, but it was still a little too high for me.  He then called me about 2 hours later and told me he knocked $1000 off the price and was able to get financing for a monthly payment that was in my price range!  I had him start writing up the paperwork and told him I would shoot over right after work. 

My boyfriend came to pick me up from work, and I told him the good news.  He had to help a friend (old boss) that night right after he was dropping me off.  His friend has been solid drinking for at least 2 months straight, he had gotten so bad his wife kicked him out of the house and filed for a divorce.  She called my boyfriend last night, and I told him to answer because she never does and it must be important.  She explained her side of what had been going on and asked him if he could help her husband.  His family already gave up on him, she has given up on him, my boyfriend is the only one left.  He picked his friend  up after dropping me off, he had to search for him because he has been living in his work trailer that is attached to his truck.  He was drunk as a skunk.  My boyfriend then took him to the local hospital and his friend admitted that he was suicidal and needed help.  They took him in and will hopefully transfer him to a rehab center where he can get, and will accept some help.

Meanwhile I had my mother pick me up shortly after I was dropped off and shot up to the used car dealership (I get home around 7:15pm, the dealership closes at 8:00pm).  We went over everything, clean car fax, passed inspection, signed my life away, and switched my insurance over.  Hooray!!!! I have a new used car to drive!  No more relying on other people to get where I need to go!  It’s good to have my freedom back. 

I then drove to my mother’s house, where family from Indiana are staying while they visit this week.  I said hi to everyone and caught up a little, then showed off my new ride.  I got a call from my boyfriend and he said he was near my house because he had to go back and lock up his friend’s truck and trailer.  We decided to meet back at my house, so I said my goodbyes and headed home. 

We filled each other in on the night’s events, and by then it was time to go to bed.  He left, and I got ready for bed, feeling like I could pass out standing up.  As soon as I curled up in bed, that feeling passed.  All of a sudden I felt very anxious, my heart was racing and I was wide awake.  Why???  I have no answer, maybe it was residual from not having a car, maybe it was because I was anxious about driving the new one to work today, maybe something else entirely.  I walked around the house for awhile, then watched some TV.  Around 3AM I finally fell asleep.  I woke up this morning with the same feeling though.  Am I forgetting something?  Is my subconscious worried about something that I haven’t realized yet?  When am I going to feel relaxed again?

Oh well, suppose there’s nothing I can do but keep trucking along, and hope it will pass.


Survive Reality, Live the Dream




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