Buddy Guy, Live at The Count Basie Theatre




Buddy Guy, the man never dissapoints.  He had an amazing show, complete with stories, jokes, and covers.  He walked down our isle and around the second floor to go back down the other isle.  The man knows how to entertain a crowd, and he does it well.  He covered Muddy Waters, and pulled in this 14 year old guitar prodigy,  Quinn Sullivan, up with him to perform some Cream and Hendix.  This kid is amazing, Buddy actually thinks he has so much talent he has been mentoring him and used his $ to help Quinn release 2 albums, since record companies said he was too young.  Buddy played his guitar above his head, behind his back, between his legs, with a drum stick, with a rag, and one-handed.  You’ve got to give it to a guy who’s 76 years young and can still do that. 

If you ever get the chance to see Buddy Guy perform, don’t think twice, do it.  He will not disappoint.

-Survive Reality, Live the Dream


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