What Would You Leave Behind?

If you were in jail, on your last day of death row, what would you write on the wall?

Life's Clock by: SR, Survive Reality Art

Life’s Clock by: SR, Survive Reality Art

My boyfriend and I were enjoying a nice lazy night in bed, with a classic rock and blues mix playing in the stereo when he posed this question to me.

(After making a crack about writing “Brooks was here”)

I thought seriously about it for a moment, and the answer came rather easily to me.

“Have faith in the living world”, I replied.

I shall now explain this to you, as I did to him.

Disclaimer: I am in no way saying anyone’s religion or belief system is wrong or anything like that, this is just how I feel based on my life experiences.

I was raised Presbyterian, then changed to Reformed Catholic after my parents divorce.  When I turned 18, my father (who was the one that kept me going to church until then), asked me if I wanted to keep attending church with him.  I told him I didn’t know, he then suggested that I research some of the other religions out there and make up my own mind.  I did exactly that, I spent weeks looking at the teachings and beliefs of everything from Catholicism to Taoism to Paganism.  The end result?  I decided none of them were for me.  So where to put my faith?  You have to have faith in something, right?

I decided I was going to put my faith in the living world around me.   The nature part was easy, I have always felt in tune with nature.  I always took to science, math, and spending time outdoors.   Animals (humans included) are another story, complicated creatures whose whole emotional/physical response system can change forever due to one experience on a daily basis.

To put your faith in animals, is a true test of yourself.  As I have mentioned before, I am a naturally happy, easy-going woman.  I never saw the point in harboring dark emotions, (hate, envy, depression, greed, sadness), that only ruins your day (sometimes the days of the people you interact with as well) and one bad turn often leads to another.  I’m only human, and I do have my bad days, I just do my best to get over them in a timely fashion without taking it out on others.  I never understood how someone could walk around with so much hate in them that they had to share it with everyone and everything they encounter, it must be exhausting.

I always try to start an interaction with a smile of my face and kindness in my heart.  Whether it be with the chipmunks running around my backyard, the person who holds the door for me those extra 2 seconds in the morning, the toll collector on my local highway, customers in my store, you get the idea.  For the greater part, if you start an interaction like this, the receiver will react in kind.  It doesn’t always go that way, but remember, everyone has their own trials and tribulations that they are dealing with in their own lives.  You do not know what they are going through, or thinking of the moment you interact with them.  Does that mean it is okay that they take it out on you?  Absolutely not, but you can’t control other people or how they react to situations.  Learn to understand it is most likely not your fault, they probably have some deeper issue in their life, and it’s more of a wrong place/wrong time scenario.  Just keep on smiling, the next interaction you make could make up for the bad ones.

“You know what I do? I treat people like their telephones. If I meet somebody who I don’t think likes me I just say to myself ‘Bob, this one’s out of order. Just hang up and try again” -Bob, What About Bob?

To put your faith in people is to have faith that they are inherently good, and not out to get you (again true for most, not all).  Some people will take advantage of this, and it will hurt more and deeper than you would expect.  Most will surprise you though, and what a wonderful world it can be to live in…

Keep smiling Sunshines there is at least one person out there who will always smile back, and they are the one that matters most, the one you see in the mirror every day.



Survive Reality, Live the Dream


2 thoughts on “What Would You Leave Behind?

  1. Lance says:

    Glad to read you and the friend who is a boy are doing good enough to have a night in bed.

    I would write:

    “I should’ve been a better man.”

    • Thanks. Yes he is being…well he’s being great. He absorbed what I told him about being more open with me and not hiding things (and what I consider to be a seductive photo, and that those are only for my eyes if he feels the need to take them). I am doing my best to stay interested in him and what he does without sounding like a detective looking for proof of some bad doings. It’s going really well, thank goodness, because I really do love this man.

      Interesting quote to leave. I know we’re just getting to know each other, but it sounds to me like you have a wonderful wife, and 3 great kids. You like where you live, get to travel, seems like you make friends easily enough. If you made mistakes in the past, and learned from them, you’re already a better man. Keep in mind, there’s always going to be room for improvement, I’m sure even the Dali Lama thought he could be better. Don’t beat yourself up over it, if you feel the need to be better, just take little steps over time, evolution didn’t happen overnight.
      (note* if that was a quip on the fact that I said it was your last day on death row, disregard the ego-boost).

      -Survive Reality, Live the Dream

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