We can re-build it…


“The Masks We Wear”        by: SR

So, an update on the relationship I’m in.  We have hung out a few times now, had another talk.  A much calmer, rational talk.

Things are looking up, thank goodness.   I’m still on alert, but getting more comfortable again.  He’s being more open with me now, and that helps a lot.  He is putting in the effort, and in return, so am I.  The trust is still weak on my part, but can be fixed with time.  For now, I’m thinking of it as a way to fall in love with him all over again. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the car situation…still no money from insurance, and I have to give my boss back his work van tomorrow.  I’m actually considering getting a lawyer and sueing the guy, because I’ve really been put through the ringer on this one..and am running out of favors. :-/

Survive Reality, Live the Dream


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