The Band – The Shape I’m In

Artist: The Band
Song: The Shape I’m In
Album/Movie: The Last Waltz

Ah…..The Band, what can I say. If you’ve never listened to or seen The Last Waltz, I’m giving you a mission today to do so. I can listen to this album over & over, and never seem to grow tired of it.

The Band (A.K.A: Bob Dylan & The Band…minus Bob Dylan), was made up of Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Rick Danko and Richard Manuel. This album has an amazing collection of songs that get you up and bopping around, then pull at your heart strings.

If you have or buy the DVD you’ll notice a who’s who of music in the late 70’s playing along with them, Paul Butterfield, Dr. John, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Van Morrison.

It was also filmed by the man himself, Marty Scorsese, he filmed it all live and in one day. This was filmed as their farewell to touring, last concert (last one together anyway).

The Last Waltz, in my opinion, is one of the best and most beautifully filmed live concerts you will ever see on video.

If you like this, you should also check out the double disc CD, Bob Dylan and The Band – Before the Flood. It is a great mix of all the favorite Bob Dylan, and The Band songs. The two artists compliment each other wonderfully, and will give you a new way to listen to old favorites.

Survive Reality, Live the Dream


6 thoughts on “The Band – The Shape I’m In

  1. ileneonwords says:

    Loved the Band…remember buying Music From Big Pink lp when it first came out. The doc by Scorsese was great.

    • Oh what a great vinyl to own! On record store day this year they re-released The Last Waltz on vinyl. Unfortunately I didn’t have the extra money to pick it up, but I did pick up the 45 The Animals Is Here by The Animals, so I didn’t totally miss out.

      • ileneonwords says:

        Oh, you sure didn’t miss out getting The Animals!!!!!!!

      • Ha! Nope, I love The Animals.
        I could have easily dropped a couple hundred dollars on this year’s Record Store Day. The Animals, Pink Floyd, Buddy Guy, The Band, The Rolling Stones, Hendrix…Of course I say that every year, I should just start saving for that day like I do for Christmas shopping.

      • ileneonwords says:

        It’s wonderful to love music and have it in your life, don’t you agree???!!!

      • I don’t know what I’d do without it… I ran a huge (27, 500 sq. Ft) music and movie store for 4 years. It was corporate, the hours were brutal, always were under-staffed. I loved it, I had constant access to all the music and movies I could want. I talked to every customer I could about the music and movies they liked and I never heard of. Learned all I could. It closed 4 years ago and I still miss it.

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