The Heavy – Don’t Say Nothing

Artist: The Heavy
Song: Don’t Say Nothing
Album: The Glorious Dead

I must admit, I really like this band. They have this kind of dark, grunge/rock/blues sound to them which my ears heavily favor.

They put out an album in 2009 called “The House That Dirt Built” (it had that hit “How You Like Me Now?” on it from the movie, The Fighter). I was working in the old music store at the time and a friend recommended the album to me. I liked the whole album, almost right off the bat. They have a really cool sound and were not scared to play around with it. The songs on this album ranged from a little western to more rock, to blues, high tempo, low tempo, and I enjoy them all.

Here we go for round 2; will it beat the sophomore curse?

Answer; yes and no. This is a good album and they’ve stuck to their grungey rock sound, they just didn’t seem to play around with different sounds as much as they did in their 2009 release, which is really the only complaint I have about it. I understand the first one was a “sampling” album, but I liked all of the different spins on their music, which still held on to their essential sound and played fluidly from start to finish.

Feed your Ears!
Survive Reality, Live the Dream


2 thoughts on “The Heavy – Don’t Say Nothing

  1. Lance says:

    I like the record. I’ve only heard four songs but I think there’s some growth and they have two really good guitar players.

    • I agree. The whole CD is good, I’m partial to their album, The House That Dirt Built. I guess I’m a little leary about this second one because it sounds like a record label got their grubby little paws on them, because they stuck to one sound on The Glorious Dead. Call me paranoid, but I’ve seen that happen to bands before, their sound levels out and before you know it they are on the pop 100 chart never regaining the gritty sound that first called you to them. I hope this isn’t the case with The Heavy. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

      Survive Reality, Live the Dream

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