Mohawks, still frowned upon?

Mohawks, still frowned upon?

My boyfriend surprised me last night, by asking me to cut his hair. I have NEVER cut someone else’s hair before in my thirty-something years on this planet. Excited at the prospect of trying something new (and that he’d let me near him with an electric razor), I said sure, how hard could it be. Of course, like most men, he has this beautiful thick hair that any girl would kill for. First step was taking scissors and cutting it down to the point that I wouldn’t jam up the razor, this is where a funny idea popped into my head. I decided I was going to give him a Mohawk! I figured after I had my kicks I could just cut down the hair I’d left and even it with the rest of his head. Of course, by the time I got halfway done with the second side of his head the razor started getting hot, and not cutting as well as it had when I started. I was barely able to finish his Mohawk with the stupid thing.

We had a good laugh about it. Then we decided the new do actually looked good on him, and that he would keep it for a little while…

Little did either of us know that Mohawks are apparently still a big fashion no-no.
First we went over his parents house for Sunday family dinner, oh my, you would not believe how his parents went haywire over this new haircut! You would’ve thought he got the devil giving the bird tattooed on his forehead (I know you’re looking at this picture and all his tattoos, but they are all coverable, if needed). They kept repeating about how it made him look like a criminal, and no one would respect him now. :-/

Then he went to work today (Monday) and his boss got on his case as well! “You’re going to have to fix that hair of yours, can’t have you scaring customers” My boyfriend works construction, which especially around here (post-Sandy) means he’ll be army-crawling his way through moldy crawl spaces, and doing a lot of demolition (Yes it is still that bad in residential areas around here, many homes or what’s left of them sit uninhabited waiting for an answer, look up Ortley Beach from 2011 then look up present Ortley Beach). What’s the big deal what his hair looks like? He usually wears a bandana tied around his head while he’s at work anyway, not like he’s a suit and tie type of man.

Who cares if he has a Mohawk? Apparently just about everyone. I thought Mohawks went mainstream years ago when the whole faux-hawk think came into style. Wrong again! For once we got more comments about his hair than his tattoos! Mohawks are worse than tattoos??? Tattoos are permanent! His hair will grow back in in less than a month! I do not understand what the big deal is, and I can not believe how many anti-Mohawk people there are out there in today’s world. Women and girls alike all over are dying their hair the craziest colors, back in my day if you did that you were a punk, but now that’s perfectly okay. The Mohawk on the other hand, which was the boy punk look, is still superbly frowned upon. Why?

Defend the Mohawk!
Survive Reality, Live the Dream


One thought on “Mohawks, still frowned upon?

  1. Lance says:

    He’s the kind of bad ass dude who should wear a mohawk. Great ink, great girlfriend, and a lenient job.

    I approve. I wish I could wear one…but, alas, no.

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