“The Price You Gotta Pay”- Buddy Guy & Keith Richards

Song: The Price You Gotta To Pay
Artist: Buddy Guy and Keith Richards
Album: Bring ‘Em In

Buddy Guy and 3-chord Keith come together for this song about how life kicks everyone down from time to time, pay your price and move on.

This is a great album of songs and covers from Buddy Guy playing with other famous artists, such as: Santana, Tracey Chapman, John Mayer, etc…

I love Buddy Guy, he is by far my favorite blues musician. Not just for his music either, if you have a chance to read his story, “When I Left Home” I highly recommend it! He is a wonderful example of what never giving up on your dreams can do. It also gives you a little history lesson of the blues through his experiences meeting other blues legends, and is written in his candid manor (had to laugh out loud several times while reading this).

Survive Reality, Live the Dream


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