What answer were you looking for woman?

A little back story first:

I’m a woman in my 30’s and I am the general manager for an up and coming new sports apparel and memorabilia store. It just opened it’s first permanent store this year, and we are hoping to open a second in the next few months. We carry almost anything you could need for football, baseball, basketball, and hockey game days. I was raised a NY Giants fan, and grew into watching the NY Rangers (though I don’t watch every hockey game, there are too many!).

Middle aged female customer comes up to the register for me to ring her up, and she says:
“So, how did a woman end up working in a sports store?”

What I said:
“Ha-ha, umm…just lucky I guess.”

What I thought:
“Well you see, I think it was back in the early 1900’s, a bunch of women had this crazy idea that they should be treated as equals with men. They then started to protest and fight for these rights, and over 100 years later, here I am.”

Sigh, I guess women haven’t come as far as I thought they have, that one would question why another has a “man’s job”.
Sometimes I just want to knock my head against the counter repeatedly until a customer leaves…

Has anyone else had something like this happen to them? This happened months ago and I am still confused as to why she felt the need to ask me that question.

Until next time,
Survive Reality, Live the Dream


4 thoughts on “What answer were you looking for woman?

  1. Wow…it’s sad that we haven’t moved past that yet.

    • Right? I am glad I’m not the only one that thinks that. I was truly shocked that a woman would ask me that. I thought about it for awhile, hoping I could come up with another reason for her question. Alas, I came up with nothing, she must have been genuinely shocked to see a woman running a sports store… :-/

  2. Lance says:


    I have 3 daughters. While they all have their “girlie” moments (they all like shopping and their hair), each of them are their own perosnalities. My middle daughter is a tomboy who is a purple belt in judo and has been playing drums for 8 months. My youngest daughter likes blood and guts and prefers scary movies and likes hospitals. None of myu 3 girls nor my wife are what you’d call prissy or “proper”. We try, as their parents to deemphasize gender roles.

    The rest of society needs to pay attention to us and your awesomeness

    • Thank you lance,
      My father always taught me I could do whatever I wanted and be whoever I wanted. He supported my decisions, even when I was 5 wanted to wear nothing but black and learn how to play bass. He signed me up for lessons right away (although he later confessed he was scared I was going to grow up to be a biker chick). It was because of this that I grew up to have an open mind and have experienced so much. I find it silly to think someone couldn’t do something simply based on gender.

      Thank you for your support!
      Survive Reality, Live the Dream

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