Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentleman

I saw Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentleman perform at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (this takes place the last weekend in April/1st weekend in May every year, and you should go!). My brother and I were wandering around with our lawn chairs wondering where to set up while we waited for Neil Young and Buddy Guy to start their sets. I looked at the line up list for the day and decided I wanted to see if the Absolute Monster Gentleman lived up to his name or not (he did). Oh man, were we pleasantly surprised when they started playing! Upbeat, jazzy, bluesy make you want to get up and start dancing around music. We ended up getting over to the Neil Young stage a little late because, we ended up listening to the whole set of Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentleman, and had to sit way in the back. Every time I listen to there self-titled CD I’m transported back to New Orleans in my mind and I love every minute of it. If you have a spare few minutes check out this video of their song “So Damn Good”, “Take My Love” is another of my favorite songs by them, but the whole self-titled album is good. I also bought the album Pin Your Spin by them, which had a gem or two, but was not as good as the self-titled.

A little backstory:

Why should you listen to my music advice? I ran the largest (2.700 sq. feet) and last free-standing music store in my area for the last 4 years of it’s life. Sadly it closed it’s doors forever a few years ago due to corporate cut backs. I’ve always been a music junkie, but this gave me access to thousands of cd’s! I also always took the time to speak to my customers and ask what they were listening to, what it sounded like, etc. to get new ideas. I also had a deal with Sony where they would send my store free promotional discs all the time. I was always opening them and playing them in the store to hear what was new, and opening “used” cd’s to listen to older stuff. I also became an avid reader of Classic Rock magazine, which came out with a Blues edition last year. The magazine is a little pricey, but I’m constantly discovering new music through it, which makes it worth every penny.


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