Taking a break from the blog

Hello all,

I’m very sorry for my sudden disappearance.  My workload has increased sufficiently lately and is going to continue to increase over the next couple of months.  I’m having trouble finding times for simple errands/chores in my life. 

So I have to take some time off from my blogging until the dust settles.  For good reasons at least, the company is doing well and expanding.  🙂

I hope you all continue to do well, and I will return as soon as my schedule allows.

“Survive Reality, Live the Dream”





Say Hello back atleast….

Hello All!

I’ve been extremely busy at work and in my personal life lately, sorry my posts have become sporadic.  I had to share this though…

I work in a sports store, as I have mentioned in earlier posts.  One of the few things I agreed with corporate on (previous job) was greeting customers.  No pushy sales jarble, I simply ask my employees to say hello to everyone who walks in, “hi, how are you today?” “let me know if you need any help”.  I think it’s nice, a way to make people feel more at ease while they shop in the store and let them know who works here (no uniforms). 

I HATE when people can’t handle a simple “hi” back.   I know some people have issues making eye contact.  I was taught to look people in the eyes because it is a form of respect, but that’s me.  Some people (quite a few today) though will walk in, and I’ll say “Hey, how are you doin’ today?”  and they’ll just stare at me, or pretend they didn’t hear me.  I worked in Seaside Heights for a long time, I know how to throw my voice, and I know you heard me. 

Are people becoming so socially inept due to technology that they can’t even handle saying hello anymore?  Or are they just rude?



Survive Reality, Live the Dream





Alex Grey – Gaia


Alex Grey is one of my favorite artists,  for obvious reasons.  He creates stunning paintings using nature, biology, and spirituality.  I’m lucky enough to own a signed poster of this painting (a gift from my wonderful younger brother). 

Gaia was the goddess of the Earth in ancient Greece.  The great mother of all of the universe, the heavenly gods, and the titans.

Alex Grey used half of the painting to show the wonder and beauty of nature, while the other half balances out with the destruction of the Earth mother by man.  A truely beautiful and detailed piece that speaks volumes to me.

If you have the time, I highly recommend checking out more of his body of works.  He is also known for doing a lot of the artwork for the band Tool.

Survive Reality, Live the Dream

The Black Crowes – Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

Artist: The Black Crowes
Song: Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
Album: The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

I’m a big Black Crowes fan, and I would have to say this is my favorite album by them. The whole disc is a treasure trove of songs to soothe your soul. Including a cover of Bob Marley’s “Time Will Tell”. Hopefully I’ll be able to see them this summer, I know they are touring.

C-ya on the flip side!
Survive Reality, Live the Dream

The Heavy – Curse Me Good

Artist – The Heavy
Song – Curse Me Good
Album – The Glorious Dead

I now have a new car with a working CD player! Now I get to listen to all of the songs on the albums that have stacked up on my desk since my old car’s CD player crapped out months ago (I can’t really complain, that one lasted 14 years and 2 cars). This Motown/Rock sounding number has caught my ears. Whatever you do, go all out!

Survive Reality, Live the Dream

My blueberry addiction…



I go blueberry picking every year.  This summer’s haul was 14.37 pounds.   They never last long, a few select people get some containers from me.  The rest I will eat, or bake with then eat.  I will eat blueberries day in and out to the point of overdosing.  That quarter size guy was the first to go.  Not much can get me up at 6AM on a day off, but I’ll do it for these beauties every year!

Survive Reality, Live the Dream

Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner

Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Song: Star Spangled Banner
Album: Woodstock

Happy 4th of July everyone! You can remain angry at the government, but support your country today. Here’s a classic gem from Woodstock 1969 to put you in the spirit.

I’ve always been obsessed with Jimi Hendrix, I know he died of an overdose, but the whole conspiracy behind his death is my guilty pleasure. I buy every magazine I see with a story on it. I remember when I was 6 and decided I want to be a rock star, my father signed me up for electric guitar lessons. We found out then that I play guitar left handed, and my instructor went to correct me (since I am primarily right handed), but then stopped and told me to hold the guitar both ways and tell him which felt right. I did, and left handed was the answer, to which he replied, “just like Hendrix”. I felt like a superstar that day. About a year into my lessons my parents got a divorce, and we moved an hour away. My mother signed me up for guitar lessons in our new town, but it was a guy in a bow tie who wanted to teach me Green Sleeves, and I wasn’t having any of that so I quit after a little while.

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!
Survive Reality, Live the Dream